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REVIEW: V/A - The Call Of Goa (2013)


Two or three months ago I received first promotional (digital) copy of new Ovnimoon Records compilation – The Call Of Goa and I was asked to do review for it and today I finally managed to write down proper review for this one. What can I say about this compilation? 20 tracks carefuly selected by Renato Brnić aka Nova Fractal, with over 155 minutes of finest modern Goa trance. First part (Disc 1) contains melodic stuff with artists such as: Mindsphere, Trinodia, Nova Fractal, Agneton, InnerSelf, JBC Arkadii, etc. While second part contains names such as: Asirion, Ajanta, Celestial Intelligence, CoaGoa, Crossing Mind, etc.

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Couple of updates

It’s been a while since the last update here, so I decided to share with you some updates regarding new music and of course my design projects. As some of you already know, I’m planing to release five albums this year on my labels Neogoa and Graviton Records (Nova Fractal, Arronax, Blackstarrfinale, PharaOm and Lunar Dawn) and I’m so excited, it will be a busy spring/summer season and I’m looking forward to publish them. At this moment I’m doing couple of artworks and trying the keep myself busy as much as possible, soon I’m gonna post some previews. While you’re waiting for it, you can check my new downtempo mix at Soundcloud called ‘Spring Burgeon’, it is available for free download, so if you like it you can get it in MP3 file format. Have a great day.

Dimensional Gateway III - Big update

Each day we’re getting closer to release of this compilation and I’m happy to share with you guys artwork for compilation, some new clips and a list of confirmed artists and projects. So let’s go(a), on DG3, you will enjoy in creations by projects:

  • Astrancer (Brazil)
  • PharaOm (France)
  • Trinodia (Sweden)
  • Nova Fractal (Croatia)
  • GoaHuman & Menkalian (Macedonia)
  • Lunar Dawn (Croatia)
  • Blackstarrfinale (United Kingdom)
  • Screw Loose (Croatia)
  • Decadent Sympozium (Croatia)
Artwork for compilations is also ready, and this is how it looks (it took me few days to complete it and I’m pretty much happy with the result.
Dimensional Gateway III - Front Artwork

Speaking about the samples, recently I’ve uploaded some new previews on Neogoa’s soundcloud page.

On Neogoa Soundcloud page, this track reached download limit so I decided to upload it on Mediafire, especially because many people seems to like it alot. Can’t describe you how I’m excited about Lunar Dawn’s debut album on Neogoa. DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE.

Iriy or Irij, according to neo-paganist manuals, was the paradise in old Slavic religion and part of Svarga. This term is probably derived from the word for paradise in contemporary Slavic languages.

Review: V/A - Protozoa 2.0 (Sita Records, 2012)

When it comes to nitzhogoa music, than there is no better example or showcase for that kind of sub-genre than Sita Records, Belgium/Norway based record label run by Elias Gits aka. Agneton and Boris Huskić aka. Goalien. So far they released two compilations – Nitz-ho-goaProtoza and two albums – Goalien – Psychedelic Dilemma and Persistent Aura – The Grand Julian. Their fifth release is sequel to their Protozoa compilation, entitled: Interstellar Evolution and it’s compiled by label-heads Agneton and Goalien. Is it evolution, well let’s find out!

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Review: Trinodia - Stargazing (Ovnimoon Records, 2012)

From the dawn of human-kind, astronomy as one of the earliest forms of science played huge part in human society, ancient people were obsessed with celestial objects - stars, planets and nebulaes and with question what is out there in endless Cosmic darkness. Even today, with much better technology and super-awesome scopes, we’re unable to give full answer to that question.

During the old era of Goa trance music, back in ’90s, many artists and projects in some way admired and described their own vision of celestial objects, planets, stars. Some of them even named their projects like stars or constellations (Pleiadians, Orion). One of the most influental psychedelic trance albums of all time - I.F.O. was dedication to the Pleiades star-cluster.

Now we are in 2012 and it seems that connection between stars and Goa trance music doesn’t fading and best example is Trinodia's new effort - Stargazing album on Ovnimoon Records, released few weeks ago. For all of you who aren’t familiar with this great Goa trance project, Trinodia is Daniel Eldstrom from Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s pretty much active in last couple of years, releasing his music on various net-labels such as Underground Alien Factory and Neogoa.

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”This release highlights a definite progression in the E.V.P sound, driving yet groovy bass-lines coupled with some highly psychedelic sounds and processing, some slightly more serious sounds infused with some very entertaining samples and effects. E.V.P also created all of the artwork and layout for the album. It has been fully dance-floor tested prior to release with great results at a number of international festivals.”

'Doctor Bumquist. You think the anthropologist Margaret Mead's strange behavior of late… could be explained by a private marijuana addiction?'

‘I’m not really sure I can answer that. But what I can tell you, sir, is if Margaret Mead… at her age… smoked grass… she’d have one hell of a trip!’

From the movie ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas’

Alpha Arietis (Alpha Ari, α Ari, α Arietis), which also has the traditional name Hamal, is the brightest star in the constellation AriesIts Flamsteed designation is 13 Arietis. Anyways, I’m thinking about writting a review for awesome Trinodia’s Stargazing album (need to thank to Daniel Eldstrom one more time for sending me a free copy of this gem)…and for being super supportive to Neogoa, especially with his music. 

Finally, here is first preview for Suntrip Records new release, full lenght album for Crossing Mind. It was real pleasure to work on this cover and we are all satisfied with final results. Soon I’m gonna post disc, tray and backside, for now here are front, inlay and book.

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